Our Denim Pair of The Week: The A.P.C Petite New Standard


A.P.C’s denim requires no introduction especially since it is a favourite of denim afficianados and purists all over the world from the USA to Europe to Japan and even right here in South Africa. One of the main reason’s for the popularity of A.P.C’s denim is because of the way the raw denim fades beautifully as you break into it over the years as it develops a unique character that is unique to you.

This week we have chosen the Petite New Standard as our pair of the week because it has a great fit that will make these jeans the only ones you ever want to wear. The Petite New standards are also a unisex style which means that they will look great on both men and women. They are made from 14.5 Oz Raw Japanese denim fabric and feature red line selvedge detailing. The jeans have a very stiff canvas that wears in over time, a very tight fitted leg at the bottom and they have a straight medium rise. The first button is engraved “A.P.C. rue Madame près du Luxembourg.”



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