PAIGE Denim’s Upcoming Transcend Denim Collection

9004-orgInnovation is a continuous process in the world of luxury denim. The world’s premium denim brands are continuously developing new and improved ways of making the best jeans in the world. Paige denim is no stranger to this way of thinking and designing their denim collections.

The latest innovation from the California based denim brand is the ‘Transcend’ collection which will be launched in April 2014. The collection features a range of silhouettes, washes and fashion pieces that use the latest performance fibre technology, a fabric with an innovative formula to prevent denim from stretching out.

“We have an amazing team that worked together to test this fabric over and over – it´s because of this that we believe that these pieces will become the most reliable in your wardrobe,” announced Paige Adams-Geller.

The Paige Denim Transcend collection will be offered in a wide variety of inky blues and blacks-nearly raw versions of this sateen-like fabric. Paige Denim is releasing this collection in five of its most coveted styles. The Edgemont Ultra Skinny, Verdugo Ultra Skinny, Verdugo Ankle, Verdugo Crop, and the Jane Zip will be available in the Transcend fabric.

We are looking forward to seeing the results from this latest fabric innovation from Paige.


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