G-Star RAW Episodes Part 2 with Daniel Popper

G-Star RAW Episodes is all about collaborations that showcase unconventional artists, creators, and craftsmen. The first RAW Episode featured the internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter Yuna Zarai.
The second part of G-Star RAW Episodes features Daniel Popper and the setting is in Cape Town South Africa. Daniel Popper is a successful installation artist who is responsible for gigantic installations that have been presented at international events. He is also the man responsible for building the Nelson Mandela Tree of Wisdom, in homage to one of the most inspiring and influential leaders that the world has ever seen.
G-Star visited Daniel in Cape Town to discuss everything involved in his creations, from the initial inspiration, research and raw materials, to the collaborations with people who help him get it made. The studio Daniel works in is filled with art pieces from the past, like his large party robots made from recycled wood that shoot lasers from their eyes, and drawings and models of projects that are currently in construction, like his model for a phoenix that he’s making for a festival in Australia.
Daniel likes the workwear quality of G-Star. “For me, functionality is always the best choice when it comes to fashion. What’s really cool about the work that I do is that it allows me to just be myself every day. So whatever clothes I put on that day I know that I am being true to myself and I don’t have to dress up for anyone or any occasion.”



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