A Japanese Aesthetic with Denim Demon’s Aahka Japan Jeans


We believe that in order to do something truly genuine and sincere,it has to come from your heart.

Japan is known for making the highest quality jeans in the world at the moment. They have taken a craft that captivated them when they saw American soldiers wearing denim and they have taken it to the next level through their obsession with perfection and high quality.

Denim Demon Jeans are 100% made in Japan at their own denim mill in Okayama on old vintage looms. It is here where the old tradition of weaving denim is being kept alive by the meticulous skills of denim artisians who have perfected their skill over generations.

The Denim Demon Aahka Japan Jean is developed along with the guys at Momotaro Jeans. It is made from 15 Oz raw Japanese selvedge denim fabric. The jeans are sanforized to minimize shrinkage when they are washed. They have a raised ridge inside  the belt loops and a Sami printed leather front loop as well as hidden rivets on back pockets. They also feature Hidden Sami embroidery inside the back pockets  which becomes more and more visible as you wear the jeans.


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