Self Edge: A Store Dedicated to Taking Denim Back to its Roots


Before all the glitz and the glamour and all the clever marketing, denim was worn solely for the purpose of workwear and it was seen as a uniform worn by people to work especially guys who worked intense jobs like miners. Today more than 140 years later there have been many innovations in the design and making of denim and they have become an essential element in every person’s wardrobe regardless of gender, age, social class or occupation.

“Self Edge is a store for those with a passion for denim and its nuances.”

Self Edge is a store that is dedicated to celebrating the heritage of denim and its workwear roots and the store only carries a selection of American and Japanese brands that are still dedicated and committed to making jeans the old way even in this modern day and age.  Self Edge was founded by Kiya Babzani and his wife Demitra Babzani, Johan Lam and Andrew Chen who are the co-founders of 3sixteen are also the co-owners of Self Edge New York and Los Angeles,there are three stores in total the first one was opened in San Francisco.

The guy who shops at Self Edge doesn’t mind paying more for his jeans because he has an appreciation for the fact that he is buying something special and extraordinary.  The jeans that are sold at Self Edge feature 1940s,50s and 60s era detailing such as a selvedge finish on a pair of jeans, a raw denim finish just like the way denim was originally made, chainstitching at the hem of the jeans, genuine leather back patches and rivets made of rivets from metals such as copper and bronze. They sell the kinds of jeans that you can wear for 5 to 10 years or even longer, jeans that will look even better the more you wear them and that will tell your story with the way the indigo fades from them.

“Self Edge carries the world’s finest denim and leather accessories, all with distinct aesthetic and details that are second to none. Selvedge lines made from metallic red silk, rivets made from sterling silver, poisonous python skin tags from Okinawa-we’ve gone to great lengths to find those unique items and make them available to you. We don’t see a pair of jeans. We see them as part of your life-something that ages with you and, like you, only becomes better with time.

Self Edge carries brands such as Iron Heart,Sugar Cane,The Flat Head, 3sixteen,3sixteen+,Self Edge their in house line, Strike Gold, Real Japan Blues, Dry Bones, Mister Freedom, Buzz Rickson, Imperial Denim, Roy Denim,Nudie Jeans Co.,Sling & Stones, Wild Child & Co.,Stevenson Overall Co.


Apart from carrying the best denim in the world in their store they also offer a denim after care service because as you wear your jeans they become more and more subjected to wear and tear such as crotch blowouts and rips. Self Edge offers a denim repair service to give your beloved jeans a new lease on life. Repairs are done with a vintage Singer Darning machine from 1955. If you need your jeans to be hemmed Self Edge has a vintage Union Special Chanistitching Machine in all their three stores. With a chainstitch your hem will form a beautiful roping effect after time due to opposite pull of denim during washing/shrinking.

Vintage Singer Darning Machine circa 1955


Union Special Chainstitching Machine





images via Self Edge and Hypebeast


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