Replay DenimZero Jeans for FC Barcelona


The Italian based premium denim brand Replay has been selected by FC Barcelona to become their official supplier of formal and casual-wear for the next four years. This exciting collaboration has resulted in a pair of jeans that have been developed by Replay as part of the official FC Barcelona team’s casual wear.

“A disruptive entrance in the formal fashion world for Replay: whilst FC Barcelona boasts one of the most elegant and unique styles of play Replay redefines the way to elegance, through denim.”

This collaboration has enabled Replay to showcase their innovation in designing and making denim. These jeans are developed through an exclusive eco-friendly process which utilises high pressure ice crystals and through this process the use of water in the making of the jeans is reduced by 90%, minimizing the environmental impact. The jeans which form part of a capsule collection by Replay for FC Barcelona are available in two different fits; The Waitom which has a regular slim fit for those with a more athletic build and the Anbass which has a slim skinny fit for those with a slimmer build.

The collection also features denim shirts that complement the DenimZero jeans for added style and a more updated look. We are very excited about the collaboration between Replay and FC Barcelona because we believe that premium denim truly deserves to be in the spotlight in a big way like this because wearing denim doesn’t get old and this shows how timeless and versatile a great pair of jeans can be.



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