G-STAR Presents RAW Episode 1 featuring Yuna Zarai

At Enjeanuity we are huge fans of Yuna’s music and if you haven’t heard her latest album Nocturnal we suggest that you get your hands on it because you are really missing out. We are also huge fans of premium denim and whenever music and denim combine it’s bound to result in something amazing.

G-Star has just launched a new web series entitled RAW Episodes which is a series of G-Star collaborations that showcase unconventional artists, creators and craftsmen. The first in the series explores the world of musician Yuna Zarai.


Type C 3D Loose Tapered
Romero Marker Wedge Mix
GS RAW Peacoat Women
Tailor Contour Slim Shirt

Yuna started out as a Malaysian songstress and she was born in the capital city of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. She then moved to Los Angeles where she currently stays to further her music career. You can’t put Yuna’s music in a box it has the influences of organic pop, R&B, soul and acoustic folk. She has even had the opportunity of working with world renowned producer Pharrell Williams. G-Star spent a day with Yuna in Los Angeles taking an in-depth look into her life and her inspirations and finding out where the stylish musician is headed.

Yuna’s belief about inspiration is that; “You have to be really open to everything in order to get inspiration. I always see myself as a student. I never consider myself to know everything about anything.”


Type C 3D Loose Tapered
Blair Belt Women
Davin Jaq Overcoat

When asked about her personal style Yuna said; “I love wearing jackets in particular. I have 100s of jackets at home and chambray shirts and skinny jeans. That’s why I feel like I could relate to G-Star. I love their clothes, you know how it’s very utilitarian and I love the pockets and the hidden things in the clothes. I feel like it’s the uniform for urbanites. It’s so comfortable and yet it’s so edgy. You don’t have to try hard to look cool. You can just put a G-Star jacket on and you’re set for the day. I’m really that kind of girl; I don’t overdo my style in a day-to-day kind of outfit. One piece is enough to make your look complete.”

The designers in the G-Star atelier were inspired by Yuna’s philosophy and eclectic headscarves and created a one-off head-wrap for her collection. In the same way that Yuna’s headscarves reflect her life, Yuna believes that good music reflects the artist. “Music to me is an experience. It’s probably why sometimes when you turn on the radio you always get the same experience, it’s because everyone is trying to give out the same vibe. But for me, you need to give something just a little bit different. You can attract listeners with certain details that will reach out to the masses, but always bring your identity into it. That’s how people are exposed to new things and they learn more. I try to remind myself of this every time I make music, so hopefully it comes across in my albums.”



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