Denim Brand in the Spotlight: Noble Denim


Noble Denim is a new denim brand that has recently caught our attention. The emphasis of their jeans is on simplicity and craftsmanship, just the kind of qualities that take denim back to its roots. Chris Sutton left his nine-to-five desk job to do something that he is more passionate about and founded Noble Denim two years ago in Cincinnati Ohio. He used his time to work on his denim crafting skills and working on his machine in the art of making raw denim. He also had an informal internship at Hiut Denim where he truly learned what goes into running a denim business.

Noble Denim makes jeans for the modern man using old world crafting techniques using both Japanese and American selvedge denim. All of the jeans are hand made in the USA, the company also works with sewers in the Cincinnati area as well as a small family run factory in Tennessee.

When you buy a pair of Noble Denim jeans you are buying an exceptional product because all of the jeans are handmade with denim from the best mills in Japan and the USA’s Cone Mills. The copper buttons that are used on the rivets come from Kentucky, the pocket bags from Oregon and the leather used for the back patches was found in the back of an old dilapidated barn in Ohio. Even the hang tags and shipping materials are sustainable coming from California and Colorado.


The jeans are available in two fits; The Earnest which has a straight slim fit, and the Truman which has a regular straight fit.

The Earnest


Has a low-rise fit, is slim through the thigh and straight from the knee down. It is finished with copper rivets and buttons, has chain stitching at the hem, a button-fly and lined pockets.

The Truman


Has a mid-rise, modern classic fit with room to breathe through the thigh. It is slightly tapered from the knee down. It is finished with copper rivets and buttons, has a chain stitched hem, button fly and lined pockets.

Selvedge Denim detailing and Chainstitching at the Hem


Copper Buttons and Rivets



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