Denim Brand Spotlight: Imogene + Willie


This week we shine the spotlight on Imogene + Willie a denim brand based out of and born out of a love and passion for denim. Imogene + Willie was founded by Matt and Carrie Eddmenson in 2009 in Nashville Tennessee. Every denim brand has a story and the story of Imogene + Willie is that it is a celebration of their grandparents who instilled in them many of the values that they still have today and taught the many things about life at a very young age. These are values and lessons such as the importance of working hard, the importance of being honest, the importance of treating everyone around you with respect regardless of race, the importance of love and fighting for what you believe in.

“Imogene + Willie honors those eight, as well as our amazing parents and our siblings and their children and our aunts and uncles and cousins and their children that we love like our own.”

Their store is located in what used to be a service station in the 1950’s and they make and sell great jeans. All of their jeans are handmade in the USA despite the current trend of manufacturing denim in countries where it is much cheaper to manufacture, often at the expense of quality. The Imogene + Willie denim line consists of both men and women’s styles. The women’s jeans are available in various styles such as the Imogene,the Clarke,the  jesse the Elizabeth and the Hencye each of them with a different fit .The men’s styles are available in  various fits and styles such as the Willie,the Barton,the Hank and the Hencye. This is a variety of styles and fits that is wide enough to accommodate any lady or gent.

Apart from selling great jeans Imogene + Willie also repairs your Imogene + Willie jeans at their store because jeans are made to be worn in hard and due to this fact they are often subject to some wear and tear as they age over the years. Imogene + Willie will gladly repair normal wear and tear up to three times at no charge. After that, charges for time and materials apply. Now how is that for great denim after care service?

Womens styles + fits



Imogene stretch


Imogene Slim


Imogene Jesse






Mens styles + fits





Barton Slim







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