Replay Jeans Laserblast Campaign featuring Charli XCX


Replay presents the Laser Club project as part of their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection which features Charli XCX. The Laser Club project breathes life into the energy of the Laserblast Club collection which launches in store for Autumn/Winter 2013. Charli XCX is the prefect representative for the energy of this campaign because she forms part of East London’s rave scene. She recently released her first and only full length album, True Romance, and is the hidden genius behind the Icona Pop hit I Love It.

Charli XCX is featured wearing the Laserblast collection throughout the tour which has to events in Paris and Munich as well as local store launches. She is also featured in the exclusive videos that are part of the campaign.

The two dominant concepts that have inspired the new Replay Autumn/Winter 2013 -14 capsule collection are night time and the new frontiers of denim. On the one hand there are electric vibrations and rhythms and shadows of the night, on the other, Laserblast denim in its most technological, green oriented and low-impact version ever. Extremely striking, this collection succeeds in creating a dialogue between coolness, technological progress and green conscience.



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