EDWIN Open’s Its Paris Store


Edwin is continuing its successful expansion in Europe after successfully opening a store in London they opened a store Paris on the 2nd of November. Edwin is none for making some of the best denim in the world with the use of some of the most exclusive fabrics. The Paris store is located at the junction Bastille the 33 Rue de Charonne address is known for being trendy and attractive for young and hip customers looking for exclusive brands and it is also surrounded by a wide variety of restaurants and bars.


The store’s interior is very rugged and looks lived in just like the concept of buying a pair of raw EDWIN Jeans that will look better with age or buying a pair of pre-distressed EDWIN Jeans that look rugged and lived in. They have designed the store’s interior in such a way that the materials such as the wood will age as customers come in to the store to buy their EDWIN products or just to hang out. Through this process the story of EDWIN’s Paris store will develop.

The store will be open Monday to Saturday from 11a.m to 7p.m.


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