Tenue de Nimes Denim Dictionary: “Nouvelle de Nîmes”


If you are a denim nerd like we are at enjeanuity you will be excited as we are about Tenue de Nimes recently released denim dictionary. As with any particular subject and subculture the world of denim has its own jargon that denim nerds know all to well and continue to learn on a daily basis. Tenue de Nimes presents a comprehensive denim dictionary that anyone who has a passion for denim needs to know.

Tenue de Nimes is believed to be one of Amsterdam’s finest online denim stores. The denim dictionary is a collaborative effort between Tenue de Nimes and Centraal Museum Utrecht with a list of all the denim terminology that you need to know.  The Denim Dictionary is illustrated by The Things We Are’ s Joost Stokhof, who is based in Utrecht in the Netherlands and works as an independent illustrator. The soft copy version of the denim dictionary is availabe only for you to peruse and the hard copy version is available exclusively at Tenue de Nimes. You can view the denim dictionary at the link provided below.



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