Our Denim Pair of The Week: PRPS GOODS & CO FURY SELVEDGE 13,75 OZ 1 YEAR WASH


This week’s pair of jeans comes from a denim brand that many denim aficionados have come to appreciate over the years. PRPS has established a great reputation as one of the best denim brands in the world and they have definitely raised the bar as far as premium luxury denim is concerned. Our denim pair of the week the Fury Selvedge 13,75oz 1 year wash is a pair of jeans made from 13,75oz denim fabric and made to look like they have been worn in of 1 year giving them a beautiful faded effect.

PRPS describes them as a pair of jeans for a guy who likes to keep life simple with just enough adventure to keep it exciting. The main jean is processed to a juicy rich indigo, but the whiskering and processing is very bold around the hips and gentler brushes of shading around the seams and lower leg. Restrained drama abounds.

This pair of jeans forms part of their 2013 Autumn/Winter collection which we recently featured on the blog.



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