Hudson Jeans Women’s Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook


As 2013 draws nearer and nearer to a close the premium denim brands are already thinking 2014 andHudson Jeans is one of such brands. A preview of their women’s Spring/Summer 2014 denim line shows that they have no intention of slowing  down. They offer a range that has such a wide variety of styles and fits that fans of Hudson will be left spoilt for choice.

The Collection is inspired by the carefree and adventure seeking spirit of Woodstock. The collection is sinspired by Morroco the mythical home of Jimi Hendrix,headliner and poster child. The colors or washes usedon the denim is reflective of spring and summer as well as some of the beautiful bold prints that they have used to ensure that  any woman wearing the jeans will stand out in a crowd by making a bold statement through her style. Bold Kaledescope prints are used on the denim and brought to life through the use of vibrant colours found in Morrocan souks or markets and are juxtaposed alongside muted colors,textures,and repitilian prints found throughout the land. This collection just screams life in Morrocco.


What do you think of these ladies?


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