Naked & Famous Hologram Denim 2013

Naked & Famous is a brand that doesn’t fall short when it comes to making some of the most innovative denim. They recently made a pair of Hologram denim, although they are not the first to make a pair of Hologram jeans their take on it is very interesting.
The jeans are coated and hot stamped with silver reflective holographic foil during the manufacturing process. A rainbow is reflected when light hits the surface of the jeans .The cut of the jeans has been kept classic to make the wash of the jeans stand out.
Another great detail of the jeans is that the reflective coating of the jeans starts to break down with wear. As the coat breaks down it starts to reveal actual denim which adds more depth to the jeans. This particular style of denim is not for everyone however it will be very interesting to see how people style this very unique style of denim.






One thought on “Naked & Famous Hologram Denim 2013

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