Our Picks From Rising Sun & Co’s Fall/Winter 2013 Collection


It is certainly true that in our day and age clothing is just not being crafted in the same way that it used to be in the past 50,60 and 100 years. Due to companies wanting to mass produce their products to maximize on profit by keeping costs as low as possible so that they can sell cheaper products it has resulted in them having to compromise on quality and subtleties such as attention to detail.

However there are a few brands that are refusing to conform to the general global trend. One of such brands is Rising Sun & Co which is doing exactly the opposite by recreating clothing with a bygone era approach. All of their clothing is cut and sown by hand as well as with the use of machinery from the 1900’s. When Mike Hodis founded Rising Sun & Co he wanted to reach into a bygone era and craft clothing in the same way that it was done when American Workwear was the order of the day. He has been highly successful and Rising Sun & Co has gained a large following and garners great support from customers who have a true appreciation for craftsmanship. The clothing is designed with a modern edge and take on some classic garments it is made for a highly discerning customer and is not mass produced to appeal to everyone.

We have picked some of our favourite products from their latest Fall/Winter 2013 offering.

The Cattleman Jacket

Rising Sun & Co’s Cattle Jacket is made from 14oz selvedge denim fabric from Cone Mills. The inspiration for its design and fit is the classic Levi’s Type II denim jacket. It has front pleats and lowered front flap pockets but unlike the classic Type II it has a spread collar, a curved buckle back and Rising Sun & Co’s signature acorn pockets. The jacket also has selvedge details on the collar and the pockets.


The Cattleman Jacket features:

  • 14oz Cone Mills denim fabric
  • 100% cotton, sanforized Cone Mills selvedge denim
  • Curved buckle back
  • Selvedge detailing on collar and pockets
  • Cut longer and slimmer for a more modern cut

The Spade Denim

They have also added a new pair of jeans to their denim collection and it is called The Spade. This pair of jeans is a modern interpretation of the old style buckle back jean and it comes in two variations which are the 14oz small batch which is made from Cone Mills denim fabric as well as the 13oz grey caste which is made from Japanese denim fabric.

The jean is made similar to most of Rising Sun & Co’s other 5 pocket jeans such as double clinch copper rivets,12 stitch per inch, a duck waistband and custom hardware as well as new detailing such as the acorn shaped back and coin pockets. The buckle back on the jeans has been modified by tucking the buckle into the yoke which makes it more visually subtle than on other buckle back jeans. The jeans are very unique because unlike most buckle back jeans they have a slim fit with a slight taper.


The Spade features:

  • 14oz Cone Mills denim fabric,13oz grey caste Japanese denim fabric
  • Buckle back tucked into yoke
  • Duck waistband
  • Acorn or Spade back pockets
  • Slim cut with a slight taper

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