Iron Heart Devils Fit 21oz Superblack Denim

The Iron Heart’s Devils Fit boasts a 21 oz. superblack denim that is constructed with reactive dyed warp and weft, meaning that the dye has a substituent which is made active and directly reacts to the surface of the thread. This creates a unique combination that actually prevents the fading process from occurring. Or in other words, your superblack jeans will look ever-crisp and retain its colour with time.

Name: Iron Heart 21 Oz. Superblack Slim cut Jeans (The Devil’s Fit)
Weight: 21 Oz.
Fit: Slim Cut
Denim: Iron Heart’s Superblack Denim with Reactive Dyed Warp and Weft
Other Details:
Button Fly
Reinforcing tape on inside of front pocket openings
Red overlock stitching
Polycotton constructional stitching







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