Our Denim Pair of The Week: Koral Jeans 8 Month Lived In Mid Rise Skinny Extreme Soft


Koral Jeans was launched in 2012 by individuals who are pioneers in the premium denim industry this along with the decades of knowledge and experience that go along with making premium denim has resulted in a great newly launched brand.

Our denim pair of the week is part of their Fall/Holiday 2013 collection which features a selection great looking jeans. The Koral 8 Month Lived In Mid Rise Extreme Soft jeans are made from premium denim fabric to give them a soft feel for added comfort.  Koral Jeans have made these jeans to look like a pair of raw jeans that have been worn or lived in for 8 months  through their innovatve laundry techniqueS when you buy them and the result is the worn looking colour of the jeans.The jeans look great and also have a great fit to ensure that you look absolutely amazing in them. They have a medium rise which means that they will also look great on women with shorter legs and because of their skinny fit this will create the effect of their legs looking longer and they will make them look taller.


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