Mr Black Garment Essentials Denim Wash and Denim Refresh


If you care about your denim as much we care about ours then taking care of your jeans by keeping them clean and making them last longer is important to you as well. Whether you only wear raw denim or pre-distressed denim or you like to alternate between the two types of denim Mr Black Garment Essentials Denim Wash for denim is just the product for you.

Mr Black is a company based in Australia that makes cleaning products for your jeans. For many years people have debated the issue of whether jeans should or should not be washed especially where raw denim is concerned. Denim does need to be washed every once in a while however washing should be kept to a minimum in order to ensure its longevity. Mr Black Garment Essential Denim Wash is made with the use of a specially formulated enzyme free wash which has been specifically formulated to clean your jeans. The gentle liquid is able to rinse dirt away while maintaining your denim.


The benefits are it:

-Helps to maintain the colour intensity of your jeans

-Minimizes fading

-Reduces the risk of your jeans fading and stretching

-Keeps your jeans in premium condition

-Made from plant derived ingredients

It is available in a 250ml bottle

Denim Refresh


A product that is made to clean and refresh your jeans and to prevent stains from setting on them. This product attacks oils, surface dirt and bacteria that cause odours to occur.

The benefits of using it are it is:


-Kills odours

-Biodegradable solution

-Prolongs the time between washes

-Keeps your denim in premium condition

-Extends the life of your denim

-Leaves denim fresh

-Made from plant derived ingredients

Available in 250ml and 60ml (travel size)


2 thoughts on “Mr Black Garment Essentials Denim Wash and Denim Refresh

    • Hi Sibu there is a store called Loading Bay in Cape Town they might have it. Otherwise you can visit the Mr Black Garment Essentials website they have an online store and ship internationally.

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