Vintage Workwear Boots That Look Great with a Pair of Jeans


People who have a discerning taste for high end luxury denim are often people who value craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail. This is no wonder they care about the small details such as whether a pair of jeans is made from raw or pre-distressed denim or whether they are selvedge denim made on old looms from the 1940s or non-selvedge denim made on more modern machinery.

This is why it comes as no surprise that the gents who have a great appreciation for denim craftsmanship also have a very great level of appreciation for a well-made pair of boots. These are the kind of boots that are made to last you for a lifetime and endure the tough and often very rugged outdoors. With high quality boot just like high quality denim they look better and get better with age. This is also because the rugged workwear look is timeless and has never gone out of style and it is still going strong even in our day and age.

Below are just a few of the pairs of boots that people who wear high quality denim have a great appreciation for because they look great and denim and boots have always complemented each other.

Trickers boots


Trickers is an English Shoemaker that has been making boots since 1829 and has a strong heritage as well as a strong following. They do custom order shoes which are basically collaborations with other brands and they also have a made to order service.

Red Wing boots


Red Wing has been making boots for over 100 years and they are committed to producing only the highest grade of footwear. The boots in the Heritage collection are designed and built just as they were fifty, sixty and even over eighty years ago  and are all made using premium Red Wing Shoe Company leather from Red Wings very own  S.B. Foot Tannery. Red Wing products have been proven to perform and outlast and behind each pair of shoes there is over a century of experience.

The iconic Red Wing Heritage Oro Legacy 875 and 877 were recently revisited by reformulating each model’s upper, keeping its American-made construction and shape untouched. Red Wing states that the Oro Legacy represents durability, eye appealing, healthful properties. It breathes and moulds readily to your foot and also because of its natural non-pigmented finish all of nature’s beauty marks are visible and representative of heavyweight U.S. cattle hides. Consumers also can expect colour variation because of the natural unfinished method of production.



There is no doubt that Timberland makes some of the best boots in the world. Timberland has been making boots for over 40 years. The Timberland Earthkeepers range is no exception to Timberland’s excellence the boots are  made from environmentally friendly materials as well as recycled  materials while still maintaining durability and a high degree of quality. The boots in Timberlands Earthkeepers collection are also waterproof and can withstand the harsh elements in the great outdoors. They are undoubtedly boots that are made for walking.

Wolverine 1000 miles


Wolverine has been making  boots since 1883 and have been worn by generations of American workers who have come to depend on them for comfort and durability. Today Wolverine continues to deliver on its promise by providing an extensive range of premium boots. In 1914 the Wolverine 1000 Mile footwear line was introduced and it set the standard for durable footwear, the kind of footwear that was worn when skyscrapers and railroads were being constructed.

Viberg 1950s Service Boots


Viberg has been a family owned boot making company for three generations now and counting. Their longevity is a result of a commitment to producing high quality boots through a great level of craftsmanship and dedication as well as taking pride in their product knowing that it is produced using high standards. Viberg only uses the best materials sourced worldwide through time honoured and tested methods by highly skilled craftsmen. Viberg has a reputation for making the toughest boots ever made a process that can include up to 218 steps.

The Viberg 1950s Service Boot features Shell Cordovan leather ,a cap toed boot that is made for durability, style and comfort while not attracting dirt. These boots look great with both formal and casual wear and they also look especially great with a pair of great looking jeans.


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