R13 Fall/Winter 2013


R13 is a denim brand inspired by the rebellious spirit of America and makes their jeans from Italian and Turkish denim. Its first denim collection was introduced in Fall 2009 the brand is inspired by a woman who is introverted,artsy,full of fire,fashion forward and effortlessly defines cool.The finishes on their jeans are always  unique and fashion forward because each pair of jeans is distressed by hand by a highly skilled artisan who carefully pays attention to every detail during the process. Through its innovative designs styles and fits R13 has created quite a following.

R13’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection remains true to the aesthetics of the brand by keeping their edgy and daring look. The collection features jeans in straight leg and skinny styles that will flatter women’s bodies and make them look great in their jeans. The jeans are also designed to strech just enough to feel comfortable on the person wearing them while maintaining a snug fit. R13’s look book also features some very popular jackets such as the biker jacket which has remained a style icon for many years and will continue to do so for many more years to come.






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